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Our technicians are trained professionals who take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality of service.  Our weekly mowing service provides homeowners with the manicured and well maintained, lush lawn that they desire. 

Outdoor Living and Hardscapes

Outdoor living

If you have an outdoor space that has not yet reached its full potential, Conroy Lawn and Landscape can provide you with a hardscaping solution or patio design that will compliment your existing landscape installations. Call today for an appointment with one of our Landscape Design Architects, the possibilities are endless!

Landscape Design

Residential and Commercial Landscape Design and Maintenance

Conroy Lawn and Landscape is a full service lawn and landscape company. Whether you have a new construction home that needs landscaping design or a home that just needs an update, our designers can help you decide upon what is just right for you.  Our teams can also assist with maintaining your outdoor investment, whether that entails a spring or fall clean up or year round maintenance. 

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

You have invested in your landscaping and home, why let all that hard work disappear when the sun goes down? Strategically placed landscape lighting can highlight all of your homes best features and your prized plantings, creating an attractive ambiance.

Fertilization and Irrigation Services

Fertilization and Irrigation go a long way toward a healthy green lawn. We can provide you with year round fertilization and weed control services, protecting your lawn from pesky, unsightly weeds.  We can ready your irrigation to go in the spring, or shut it down in the fall. Installation of a system that will provide water to your thirsty lawn on a scheduled basis can ensure a green lawn all summer long.

Commercial Snow and Ice Management Services

As a business owner, a partnership with a reliable team for snow removal and ice mitigation is vital. Conroy Lawn and Landscape offers snow plowing, shovel services, road and sidewalk salting. 

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